048 – “You Have to Leave”

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Podcast

Things don’t always work out with significant others, landlords, partners, investors, bandmates, or otherwise. It can be devastating, and figuring out your next move can be tough.

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David vulnerably shares about a rental situation gone wrong.



00:17 – Raw emotions
01:00 – “You’ve got two weeks”
01:28 – Trying to find a place in Vancouver
02:38 – Taking responsibility for the role you played in dysfunction
03:40 – Somehow, it will all work out


All right, so I’m going to talk about this while my emotions are still raw. And this is not something I used to do, but I think nowadays I’m realizing it’s okay to complain. It’s okay to react to life. It’s okay to vent and rant sometimes.

Assuming you come back to that place of understanding or realizing that everything’s going to be okay, something’s going to come up, it’s all going to work out, and an opportunity will show up. If you believe that it must happen, right?

But in the meantime, I’m like, this is bullshit. That’s why I’m going to share while I’m still raw because I know that’s going to be more relatable than me waiting for later to collect my head and think about what I’m saying.

So, I’ve been staying with this lady now for about six weeks in her basement and it’s been fine. I stayed with her last year too, so like, obviously that generosity has been super appreciated, and I’ve communicated that to her, and I’m paying rent. Pretty normal rates to stay there.

So, it’s not like there’s no benefit in it for her, but she came down and told me today that, I’ve got two weeks to stay there. It’s not like I was going to stay there forever, and I knew I’d have to move on and find something else.

And at the same time, it’s like, “Could you give me more than two weeks to figure out where I might be going?” It’s September, we’re almost in October here. I think October starts tomorrow or Monday, but Vancouver is nuts. The rental market, the housing market in general, is insane.

So, in September, people have just settled in, and there is nothing. I guess you can find the occasional apartment for a bazillion bucks or whatever, but what in the world? Why would you think that there’s still something out there right now?

I probably need to wait until after December, the way that things have been filling up this year, to have any chance of finding anything that’s within my price range. And I wouldn’t even say price range. Moreso what I think is reasonable.

Some people might be okay renting a closet for $2,000 and a police check. And I’m not willing to do that, right? You’re going to have to do a little bit better than that for me.

I understand. It’s maybe not a buyer’s market as much as it is a renter’s market, but give me something here, please.

Anyway, the message is delivered, and I’ve got to be out of there. Of course, I can take responsibility for the part that I played in this whole thing, which is that I agreed to stay there in the first place.

Could I have explored other options before staying at her place? Yes. Could I have maybe communicated some things about my life, what I’m up to, and the things that are going on in my life before staying there? Yes.

So, there hasn’t been a lot of communication, and I can take responsibility for that part. But I don’t know, I think she just wants to be buddy-buddy or something like that. She has a whole world going on that I don’t know anything about and I have a whole world that she knows nothing about, and no part of that’s been communicated.

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So, it’s one of those things where it’s a two-way street, right? There’s no power in thinking of it in terms of a two-way street, but neither of us has taken many steps to interact and communicate with each other on this whole matter.

And even though she said, “This whole space is yours,” sometimes I don’t feel like it is.

So, whatever the case, it’s not the place to be, and I know it’s going to work out for me, but the whole situation is just stupid. Like, if she wanted me out by the second week of October to begin with, then why not just tell me that, so I can adjust and make plans? Now I’ve got two weeks to try to figure something out. It’s just nuts.