You’re Here to Heal

You’re Here to Heal

In life, you will find yourself in places you never expected to find yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Others may look in from the outside and feel entitled to criticize or make fun of you.

Sometimes you’re stuck because of your own constraints. That can happen.

But sometimes you’re stuck because God or the Universe needs you exactly where you are.

Why? To heal.

It seems preposterous that the Universe would want such a thing for you. It can seem so cruel sometimes.

But if you freefall into the embracing arms of the Universe, you may find that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Hired Gun

Hired Gun

A few years ago, a friend said to me:

“If you’re working your ass off to earn $50,000 per year as an independent, why not go and get a job earning $50,000. You can earn that amount easy, and you won’t have to work your ass off.”

Just the other night, another friend called me a “hired gun” and shared his story around why that was an undesirable thing to be.

No perspective is invalid, even I can see that.

But I’m seeing something else. An acorn doesn’t just turn into a tree. Give it enough time, and it will turn into a forest, and then a jungle.

(There’s a term for that – it’s called depth of vision.)

You may not see the hard work that goes on beneath the surface of the pond, but trust me, that duck is swimming. HARD.

No Self-Awareness

No Self-Awareness

I show up every day to produce the best possible work I can.

I am aware that, at times, I am not doing my best work. I rarely think what I produce is total hogwash, but on my off days, I can see that what I’m creating is “great adjacent.”

As I gather feedback on what I think has the potential to change people’s lives, I’m seeing that it’s not quite doing what I hoped it would. At least, not yet.

I can accept that I’m still developing it. I haven’t published it in an official capacity. But it’s disappointing to see that it isn’t quite finding resonance yet.

And this is where I’ve landed on this:

I feel like others possess a superpower I don’t, which is self-awareness. Maybe there’s a separate term for what I’m thinking of – I’m not quite sure what it is right now – but I’m not just talking about the psychological definition of self-awareness, which is your actions, thoughts, and emotions relative to your own standards. I’m talking about how you show up in the world.

I feel like others are far more aware of how they’re showing up. Meanwhile, I don’t know if I’m coming across energetic or tired in a video until I’ve filmed myself and watched the footage.

I might need you to tell me when what I’m sharing is showing up as authentic or inauthentic. I honestly can’t tell. I might need you to tell me when my content sucks and when it doesn’t. I can’t tell.

And if there’s a secret to self-awareness, I would love to know. I have very little if any of it.

2023 Wish List

2023 Wish List

The first quarter of 2023 is almost over.

It has been a very productive year for me so far, but I know I can always challenge myself to go bigger.

So, I’ve put together the following 2023 wish list. These are the items that, if they were fully completed this year, I would be thrilled.

There’s almost nothing I’m starting from scratch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my work cut out for me!

I will be crossing off items as they are completed, and I may even be adding to the list as we go.


  • The Renegade Musician
  • Digital NO-Mad (working title)
  • Surprise, Uplift (working title)
  • Life Transitions (working title)
  • Flashes of Elation
  • The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition (working title)
  • Champion of Artistic Success, Vol. 1
  • Physical copies of Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook
  • Hardcover version of The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide


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  • The Renegade Musician

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An Apple Pie with Your Name on it

An Apple Pie with Your Name on it

I went to the drive-thru last night, something I rarely do.

It was clear from the moment I got to the kiosk that the cashier was making the most of what many would consider a very boring Joe job.

I ordered my burger, my fries, my drink, and then he said:

“Would you like extra ketchup, salt, pepper, and vinegar for your fries?”

Hell yeah.

Then, before I started driving over to the window, he asked:

“I don’t know your name, but I’ve got an apple pie with your name on it. Would you like me to add it to your bag?”

I thought for a moment, then humored him and told him to throw it in the bag.

I never met the guy, and I may never see him again, but the man deserves a raise.