Hey, I’m David Andrew Wiebe and I make things.

My website and writing are simple on purpose. I don’t want people to “miss the point for the writing around it.”

I’m an author, entrepreneur and musician.

I love to create. I love to learn. I love adventure.

I’m living the nomadic life. I currently live in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

I founded Music Entrepreneur HQ and co-founded The Indie YYC.

I’ve been interviewed a few times.

Here is what others have said about me.

My 3 words for 2020 are Completion, Curation and Synthesize. And, here are my goals.

That’s all I wish to say about myself here, but if you want to go deeper, you can peruse my About page.

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The Music Entrepreneur Code

Here Are My Books

I’ve been writing for years, but my love affair with it officially began in 2012. I’ve self-published four books so far, and there will be more to come.

The New Music Industry (Review)
The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship (Review)
The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship (Review)
Start Your Year the Right Way
The Music Entrepreneur Code (Review)

You can learn more about my books here.

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Here’s My Podcast

I’ve now been podcasting for over 10 years.

My latest podcast is The New Music Industry Podcast.

You can subscribe using whatever method suits you best: Android, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRADIO, RSS, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn.

Things I’ve Written

For those times when people say, “you’ve got to write an article about that!” Read them. Share them. Print them up and put them on your wall (others have).

I Feel Intensely Sad

Having spent a couple days away from work (mostly) and with people I care about, I woke up today feeling the best I have in a while. I still felt like I needed more sleep, and felt a little sad, but aside from that, I sensed that I was well on my way to recovering...

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Perfect Timing

The last couple of days have been unexpected. But in a good way. Yesterday, a friend invited me to spend the day in the city with her. Today, I spent the day with my parents, who are only in town for a few days. I didn’t know that I needed to spend time with these...

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The Value of Experiments

While I was busy sorting out my next steps for Music Entrepreneur HQ, I was also a busy bee publishing right here on my personal blog. I felt that, until I had a solid plan for how to move forward with Music Entrepreneur HQ strategically, I didn’t want to publish...

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Getting Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists

Looking to get your music featured on Spotify playlists? Well, you’re not alone… 24,000 songs are added to streaming music services every day. And you’ve got to assume a good portion of the artists releasing music are just as interested as you are in getting their...

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