You’re Living in a Dream

by | Dec 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

And the entire experience is contained within your consciousness.

It’s no wonder life can become so repetitive. You reinforce experience through persistent thought. Persistent thought gains momentum and continues to show up as experience in life more frequently.

The game of life has a way of becoming much too serious, much too grave when we make the distinction between “real” life and “fake” life, as though such a distinction exists.

It’s all life. It does not matter whether you’re blogging, playing a video game, browsing Facebook, entering virtual reality, or dreaming as you sleep.

These are not “fake” life experiences. If they were, time would stop while you were in them. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t stop when you’re dreaming, and it certainly doesn’t stop while you’re playing a video game.

One cannot have a “fake” life experience. You can make things up in your mind, but even visualizations are registered by your brain as “real.” Why should it be otherwise? You are, after all, living in a dream.

Again, for you to have a “fake” life experience, it would need to occur outside our grasp of time and space. Basically, it would need to be “death,” because death is the only opposite to life we have. And what little we do know about death seems to indicate it is merely life in another form.

Reality TV does not describe a specific type of programming. Rather, it describes a genre of programming. The actors and actresses may be real. Filming locations may be real. But the stories are fabrications. Everything is scripted out. This is a good metaphor for the paradox of reality itself. It’s objective and it’s subjective, and more likely it’s subjective, because it’s the only way the two fit with each other.

Interacting with the world as though it were a dream removes much of the perceived risk and pain of “doing the wrong thing.”

This isn’t to say one should go out today and act as though they’re invincible. But seeing the world through the lens of dreaming can shed light on just how many beliefs we observe, when these beliefs were primarily based on an objective model of reality to begin with. Life keeps moving in the direction of our persistent thought, only because we haven’t thought to change it.

For you to see reality through a new lens, the only thing to do is notice. Notice how it seems as though when you’re alone, there is no one and nothing else. Notice how when you’re in a restaurant, the restaurant is the small container of reality you occupy.

Yes, if you walk down that familiar street, you’ll eventually reach that 7-Eleven whose location you’ve memorized. But when you get there, 7-Eleven will be another self-contained reality you occupy momentarily.

Notice. Then interact. Interact with the world as though it were a dream. How would it shift your idea of consequences? What would you say or do that you normally wouldn’t? Would you begin to feel as though you could bend reality to your will?