You’re Invited!

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Video

How did David come up with the idea for Clean Slate? What are his reasons? What is his motivation?

In this video, David bears all.


Hey, it’s David. When I was 13, my father died in a motorcycle crash. We were living in Japan at the time and my family decided to move back to Canada and I experienced such a sense of culture shock. I felt like a fish out of water. Music gave me a voice at a time when I felt like I did not have a voice.

But my search continued. The absence of a parent still left me disempowered in life and I continued my search. At 25, I discovered personal development and I felt so inspired. I felt such a sense of empowerment and encouragement and inspiration that I felt like that is what I wanted to pass on to the world.

And that’s why I created Clean Slate. It mixes music and inspiration. It brings the two together and it’s a place where we get a fresh start and a new beginning, and you’re invited to Clean Slate. I’ll see you there.