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These days, the ads you see on the internet tend to be freakishly personalized and accurate.

I saw one today that said something along the lines of, “get in touch with these girls to change your sad and lonely life.”

I don’t think, even for a moment, that my life is sad or lonely.

It probably looks a little different than the “average” or “normal” life from the outside looking in, though.

What I’m living is life by design, not by default. I set it up in a way that allows me to engage in the things I want to do.

Do I spend long hours in front of a computer?

Undoubtedly. But I love writing. I love thinking about marketing. I love building websites, and SEO, and content marketing.

Do I interact with more than nine or 10 people on any given day?

Not generally. But I consider most of these people my inner circle. My best friends, mentors, mastermind group, collaborators, and so on.

They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Increasingly, the people I spend the most time with are those who inspire and motivate me.

Do I go outside for anything other than hikes, groceries, meals, or the odd social event?

Not generally. I like going for drives, and sometimes I will spend time exploring my surroundings. It hasn’t even been a year since I moved to Abbotsford, after all, and I spent the better part of three months in Calgary this year.

Is my day anything other than routine?

Well, there are ebbs and flows in my schedule, and some weeks I will take it a little easier than others (especially lately since I kind of overdid it). One day may look a little different from the next, but I have several non-negotiable daily habits I engage in without fail.

I don’t have my days 100% dialed in, but I feel like I’m close. And there’s nothing wrong with boring. Tim Ferriss’ day is as boring as they come, I hear.

Do I want to get into a meaningful relationship?

Absolutely (leave a comment if you’re the girl of my dreams). But there is a timing for everything. Not like I’m waiting for “perfect” timing because I know that doesn’t exist. But being burnt out and spending all my time inside (as we all are) doesn’t exactly inspire action.

I’m coming to grips with the fact that I might be staying put for a while, and that it might be worth building more of a social network locally.


That still doesn’t mean I’m living a sad and lonely life. I’m living an optimized life that allows me to be fully engaged in my passions without interruption.


This isn’t a serious post by any means. I just thought it might be fun to respond to a stupid ad I saw on the internet today.

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