Your “Mistakes” Are Your Moments

by | May 26, 2020 | Video

Everyone makes mistakes. But sometimes those mistakes are moments of genius and just need to be recognized as such. In this video, David shares an experience from grade school.


You know, the oddest things come to mind when you’re walking sometimes. I just remembered back to grade five, when I used to play soccer. I was on the soccer team for my school.

And, at the first game, I had no idea what I was doing. And, while on defense, I was guarding my guy. I was on him like a basketball player would be on him because that’s what I knew to do.

He found it hard to maneuver around me at first, until he discovered that he could go and run in the opposite direction towards the goal, get a pass and get a goal for his team.

What I realized, though, is that in professional soccer, that would have been offside. So, that means that my mistake was my moment.

Of course, in elementary soccer, maybe offside didn’t count. Maybe that wasn’t a rule they observed. But in professional soccer, he definitely would have been offside, so I would have been in the right to defend him the way I did.

All that to say, you might be in the studio, and you accidental play a Bb chord instead of an Am, when you should have played an Am, and go like, “Aw man, I made a mistake.” And then listen back and go, “You know what, guys? I think that actually works! We could make it a part of the song.”

Your mistakes can totally be your moments. So, don’t lose confidence just because you make mistakes.