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It’s funny how we refer to the process of becoming our fully expressed, authentic selves as “personal growth.”

The truth of the matter is that it’s closer to peeling back the layers.

You were perfect the moment you were born. Nothing ever needed to be added to you. There was never any need to fix anything about you.

Regardless of anyone’s expectations – society, family, friends, coaches, mentors or otherwise – you were only ever meant to do and to be one thing. Yourself.

The universe doesn’t require anything else of you. It only desires that you be exactly who you are in every moment, nothing more, nothing less.

You don’t need to earn anything. You were always worthy.

Only you can be you and you are at the height of success and a magnet for your desires when you are fully, authentically, relentlessly you.

Hold Your Horses, Cow-Person!

From: David Andrew Wiebe
To: You!

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