You Don’t Have to do Everything

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Personal Development

That’s what I’m realizing.

And I’m also starting to get a better sense of things I want to do and things I don’t want to be so involved in. Some of this surprised me. Just today I realized I may not want to be the one doing interviews on my podcast.

But that doesn’t mean I plan to stop podcasting. It means there are shoes to fill. I would love to collaborate with a sharp interviewer on future episodes.

I can now see I didn’t have much access or a perspective on this (and other matters) before, and I’m not sure I would if 1) I hadn’t taken a break earlier this month, and 2) I didn’t opt to take a yearlong leadership and management program beginning June 11.

The key priorities in my life have automatically risen to the top of my list, while the lesser priorities have automatically fallen to the bottom. To be honest, if it doesn’t make my top five to 10, I’m probably not even looking at it right now.

Now, there are promises to be kept, and I know there are several of those in my email. They are on my to-do list as well. Be patient – I will get to you as soon as I can. I’m not looking to escape responsibility – I’m looking to expand. I just haven’t figured out what that’s going to look like in the new reality I’m creating.

But at this point, I could see myself deleting more emails than not, at least until I have people in place to handle different responsibilities in my business. And, by the way, I’m deciding whether to put the call out on my blog. I will have a better idea of whether this is something I want to do once I’ve had a better night’s sleep.

If there’s a moral to all this, it’s that:

Possibilities are nearly unlimited when you’re working with other sharp, ambitious people. It’s capped when you’re busy trying to be a superhero.

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