You Can Now Subscribe to Members Only Audios

by | Dec 1, 2021 | News

When my team and I set up Elite Players: All Access Pass a few months ago, it was with the idea of creating the best online academy available to DIY musicians interested in growing their careers. And we believe we accomplished exactly that.

With the creation of the online academy also came the opportunity to offer some of its modules as standalone products.

We knew we didn’t want to do this with everything, because the idea behind an All Access Pass premium membership is that you get access to more content, more interactivity, more community, more perks, and better service overall. And that’s still the case.

But one opportunity that seemed to make a lot of sense to us was to turn Members Only Audios into its own low-cost subscription program.

Members Only Audios is updated weekly with new content, and in addition to yours truly, features tips and interviews with leading music biz experts and DIY artists like John Oszajca, Bree Noble, Ariel Hyatt, Nick Sadler, and more.

This removes the need for you to hunt around for free content that’s supposed to work, but generally doesn’t, either because it sucks, or because you’re not fully invested in it (because you have no skin in the game). And that’s one of the problems Members Only Audios solves.

When you join, you also get access to the entire archive of audios published to this point. And all this is available for a low monthly fee that will never change.

If you’re ready to access the best music career tips, DIY artist strategies, independent musician techniques, and deep insights into growing yourself and your music, head on over to Members Only Audios NOW.