Wolf (The Original Creative) Shares Why Digital Advertising is Critical for Artists Frustrated with Organic Reach

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How do you stay top of mind with your following? How do you continue to grow your fan base, even as you’re trying to stay connected with your existing fans?

There are many ways to reach your fans and convert new ones. But there tends to be a clear demarcation between what works and what doesn’t.

Recent conversations on organic reach have highlighted the fact that as a new artist who has yet to establish themselves, counting on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms to get your message out is a losing battle.

So, we caught up with Wolf from Amplify Your Vibe to share about digital advertising and why it’s critical for artists.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Wolf… the original creative. I started off as a multi-instrumentalist freelance Musician. I play the Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano. I played the Guitar and Bass professionally for a number of years, and was booked to play at the Roundhouse, Sadlers Well, Camden Lock, Ministry of Sound, Dingwalls, Beck Theatre, Fairfield Halls, Richmix, Bussey Building, African Spitalfields Market and many, many other venues performing with many acts. I shared the stage with Ms Banks, Suli Breaks, Infecta, Alicai Harley, Jacob Banks, Shakka, host turned radio presenter Remel London, just to name a few.

I also worked within Sony Music UK for a time. When at Sony, I worked alongside the A&R department and with the marketing team, involved in many campaigns including that of a Brit Award Winning Artist and nominees as well as backstage at an event held at the popular Pop Brixton with performers including Nadia Rose. I have worked alongside many Artists in various roles including guitar technician for Ghetts’ performance at the O2 Arena for a Snoop Dogg concert. Other Artists on that lineup included Chip (formally known as Chipmunk).

During my time in the Music industry I noticed that there was a huge knowledge gap around effective promotion of grassroots Music Artists, which I endeavor to fill. Having learnt from my Music industry mentors who have worked with a large range of Artists including Lauryn Hill, JLS, Joss Stone, Professor Green and others, I decided it was time to go on my own path and create a game changing business. I set out to help bridge that gap and provide service to fellow Musicians by sharing what I’ve learnt in the last decade in the Music industry from my own experience. I support them in getting to the point in their own careers they dream of being at.

2. What is Amplify Your Vibe? What pain point does it solve for artists?

Amplify Your Vibe is a digital advertising Music agency specializing in promoting Music Artists using the power of digital advertising.

Music Artists tend to struggle with getting from obscurity to visibility, getting trapped in the dreaded > 1,000 club on Spotify and not having enough live sales in the form of ticket and merch sales.

Amplify Your Vibe helps Music Artists generate more income streams, raise awareness for their brand by getting it in front of the right people, sell more merch/tickets etc. to help grow your their fan base.  Many Music Artists struggle with this and this is a full stack solution that helps service them.

3. How important is digital advertising for artists in the post content shock era?

Absolutely essential. You will not get far just with organic promotion. The internet is way too saturated for that – you need a way to cut through the noise (no pun intended but it was definitely there!).

You will not get far with organic promotion alone. The internet is way too saturated for that – you need a way to cut through the noise Share on X

Nowadays, if you aren’t using some form of paid advertising – heck, even any form of paid promotion – you will really, really struggle.

In saying that, even if you are using paid promotional means but you aren’t using it effectively, and you are just “spending to spend” and you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t have a suitable strategy with the right plan and intention behind it, then that won’t get you far either.

The beautiful thing about AYV is that we do all of that for you and have the power to target the right people. We tailor each and every campaign to the Artist. There are no campaigns that are identical!

We tailor each and every campaign to the Artist. There are no campaigns that are identical! Share on X

With years of experience and study of this promotional channel, as well as seeing and analyzing how this medium evolved, we have managed to “hack the system” in favor of YOU, the Artist.

4. What do you see as missing for artists in the realm of digital advertising that you provide?

Everything to be honest… This is such a new space with technology only being really widespread for the last 20 to 25 years, and digital advertising only really becoming a player in this space in the last 10 to 15.

Also, historically the Music industry has opposed tech [enter Napster, Limewire and iTunes] and resisted it for far too long when they could have been thinking about how it can benefit the Artists and the Music.

Generally, the Music industry has fully tapped into the power of digital advertising. Although there are more ambassadors for digital advertising in the Music industry popping up here and there, the main thing with most of them is this: They either teach you how to do it yourself – which takes a lot of time and with things changing so often such as different algorithms and iOS/OS it can be a lot to keep up with – as well as being quite a technical thing, which not everyone likes or can wrap their head around. On top of that, most importantly – it takes away from the time you can be writing, recording and performing you Music as you should be prioritizing.

Secondly, some that do it have such a high price entry point that many independent and grassroots Music Artists can’t afford it. With AYV we handle it for you, so you can spend your time focusing on the Music and our prices start from a way more affordable point than some others.

5. Is there anything else I should have asked?

Yes! You should have asked how people get in touch! The best way to get in touch is through our website www.ayvmusic.com and fill out our contact form. Someone will be in touch very shortly after that. 🙂

Final Thoughts

What did you get out of this interview? Are you present to new possibilities in your music career?

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