With Freedom and Ease

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Personal Development

“To this point, nothing has come with freedom and ease!” I exclaimed after a deep sigh.

In that moment, a connection was forged with my new friend over the phone. Because he could see himself in that conversation.

But… isn’t it supposed to come with freedom and ease?

The ideal body you want to create, that perfect person you want to meet, that business you want to build… On some level, shouldn’t it be easy? And if it isn’t, isn’t that a clear sign you should move on? Or try something different? Or go about it another way?

The answer is… I don’t know. In my own assessment, there hasn’t been much freedom and ease in creating what I want, and it appears to me as though this “freedom and ease” thing has a mind of its own.

So, where is freedom and ease, and what is it? How can I get it?

I want it desperately. It sounds amazing. I desire to create the life I want with freedom with ease.

I have no idea what that looks like or where to start.

I only have the faintest of notions that it has something to do with being authentic. And this blog post is my attempt at being authentic. But even authenticity seems elusive. What does it mean? What does it look like? How do others perceive authenticity? Does that even matter?

Questions lead to more questions.

I don’t know.