What “accidental” or unexpected successes have you had?

I’ve been thinking more about this lately because there have been a few things, through the years, that have exploded, much to my surprise. Like the following:

  • I had a Britney Spears parody site that drove thousands of visitors per day
  • When one of my first bands, Lightly Toasted Touché, released our unrehearsed jams on the internet, it crashed our website due to the volume of downloads we got
  • I wrote a blog post about Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind that became my top trafficked blog post of all time (even weirder, it lives on Music Entrepreneur HQ)
  • I spent decades composing music for small projects, and out of nowhere, a score I composed for a short film ended up being nominated once, and winning four Best Original Score awards
  • A rant I published on Medium ended up becoming my most engaged story on the platform
  • I gained over 6,000 followers on Tealfeed as I started syndicating my content to their platform

I was beginning to speculate on the idea that these accidental successes may hold the key to my true calling in life.

I don’t have all the connections worked out. I’m taking still inventory of all that has flown.

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