Where Can I Listen to Your Podcast?

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I’ve recently had several questions about my podcast. Most notably, “where can I listen to it?”

At the outset, I should share that my podcast is called The New Music Industry Podcast.

The New Music Industry Podcast

There are so many other similarly named podcasts now, so make no mistake. Don’t accept any substitutes.

But it would seem the main concern listeners have is they don’t want to be forced to listen on my website at Music Entrepreneur HQ. Fortunately, the podcast has always been available at a mix of popular destinations.

That’s what I’d like to cover here.

Music Entrepreneur HQ

Music Entrepreneur HQ is where The New Music Industry Podcast resides. To be more exact, the audio files are hosted externally on Amazon S3, but everything else, including the show notes, live on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

I understand that many people like to listen on their favorite platform, so I’m not forcing you to go to Music Entrepreneur HQ to listen, but in case you want to access the show notes, transcripts, and other downloadable PDFs and guides, I’d recommend checking in periodically.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) is the first destination I prioritized, because if you aren’t on Apple Podcasts, you almost don’t even exist as a podcaster.

So, while we haven’t been there from day one, we’ve certainly been there since the early days of The New Music Industry Podcast.


I’m happy to note that my podcast can be found on Spotify. I know that some musicians and artists abhor the platform, but again, I’m not forcing you to use it, as you can listen to my podcast on a variety of other platforms. I did not sign an exclusive contract with Spotify.

Also keep in mind – when someone listens to your music, you earn a fraction of a cent. When someone listens to my podcast, they listen to my podcast. I don’t earn a thing.


Stitcher is another popular destination for podcasts, though it isn’t exactly well-known.

Either way, if you love Stitcher, and it’s what you use most, then you’ll be happy to know The New Music Industry Podcast is there.


Another great platform you can find my podcast on is iHeartRADIO. I’m quite happy that they’ve embraced podcast content and that you can find my podcast there.


TuneIn has been around for quite a while, though the average consumer is unlikely to have heard of it. Either way, you can listen to The New Music Industry Podcast on TuneIn as well!


Yes, my podcast is available on YouTube, but there is a slight catch.

To upload my podcasts to YouTube, I need to take advantage of a software called Repurpose (affiliate link). Repurpose is awesome, and I don’t take any issue with it. But there is a bit of a manual process I need to go through to get my podcast episodes up on YouTube.

Which means new episodes may not be available on YouTube the day of publishing. But I do the best I can!


I do what I can to distribute the podcast far and wide, and it has been submitted to every directory and streaming platform I know of (which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been accepted by those services).

As well, the internet landscape is constantly changing, and services tend to come and go. For instance, the Google Play Music Store was discontinued in September 2020.

But my podcast is supposed to be on Deezer (even though I can’t find it), and I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it on other platforms.

Here are a few links I found:

We could also distribute the podcast to SoundCloud if there’s interest, but as with YouTube, it would end up being a manual process.

I’m constantly looking for new tools to leverage, and while Megaphone sounded promising, it seems you need 20,000 downloads per episode to able to take advantage of their platform. That’s roughly 100 times my current listenership, so we’ve got a long way to go.

If you happen across other tools that might allow me to syndicate and distribute my podcast more widely, I’m all ears. Let me know.

That said, if you enjoy my podcast and found this article helpful, please share it out.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. There are plenty of places you can go to listen to the podcast. Subscribe, bookmark, do whatever it is you do to keep track of your favorite links.

Thanks for joining me. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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