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As a creator, you’re going to start many projects.

Some will work out. Many, many others won’t.

Based on your various passions and experience, you’ll find specific projects, businesses, and ventures to latch onto.

And you’re going to choose to double down on some. Give them your full attention. Focus on them.

Even those won’t necessarily work out.

And unfortunately, knowing when to quit is an art form many of us haven’t mastered.

I haven’t mastered it either.

But that’s what this post is about. It’s about knowing when to quit.

More specifically, it’s about knowing when to say, “let it burn.”

There is a difference.

Quitting, for a variety of reasons, typically has negative connotations attached to it. People don’t like quitting. They don’t want to be quitters. Plus, no one wants to quit on their dream. Nor should they!

This isn’t to say there isn’t a good time to quit. Because there absolutely is!

Like I said, there will be many, many projects that just don’t pan out. And knowing when to say “uncle” is critical to your well-being, your health (in every dimension), your finances, and your ultimate success.

Saying “let it burn” is a little different. And it’s my preference when I’ve given something the best years or my life, only to see it lag.

One step forward. Two steps back. Two steps forward. Four steps back. One step forward. Eight steps back.

I don’t care anymore. Just let it burn.

When you say, “let it burn”, you’re basically surrendering outcomes to the universe.

You’re becoming detached – or more accurately unattached – to the situation.

Because when you become too attached to anything, it has a way of producing the opposite of the desired effect.

When something becomes too important in your life, you begin to repel the very thing you want.

Oh yes, you’re a magnet. But you’re using the wrong polarity!

“Let it burn” is basically saying, “Failure or success, I don’t care which way it goes. They’re both good outcomes.”

And if we didn’t identify so strongly with the thing we’ve created – miscarriage or not – isn’t that true? Aren’t both outcomes good?

If you fail, you can let go of what didn’t work, and move onto the next thing. You get to take your lessons with you.

If the thing you surrender comes back to you and begs for your attention again, you know it’s meant to be, and you’ll have a much better chance at success.

The time to say “let it burn” is when like a cruel mistress, your project doesn’t return any of your favors. The more gifts and attention you shower on her, the less she responds. Not to be crass, but to extend the metaphor, the more you do for her, the less she puts out.

And you feel tired. Exhausted. Devitalized. Defeated. Maybe your health or financial well-being is at risk. Maybe she’s taken you away from your hobbies, and friends, and family, and spirituality, and any other values you hold near and dear.

(Come to think of it, that sounds a lot like my last relationship. I guess Tony Robbins was right. Business owners don’t have business problems. They have life problems reflected in their business.)

That’s the time to say, “let it burn.”

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