What You’ve Put on the Backburner

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Personal Development

Today, I got to try on that I might be neglecting some things in my life.

I tend to keep busy with a flurry of activity, which doesn’t always contribute to my overall well-being, and has me putting some important things I need to deal with in the “later” pile.

Now, to be fair, this has changed quite a bit with my trip to Calgary. Having arrived exhausted, I spent this past week getting more rest in favor of reconnecting with everyone I know. And I will continue to be watchful of my health.

But I can see how this might apply to a couple areas of my life, not just my well-being. And now I’m sitting with it.

As I continue to go through a yearlong leadership program, my objective is to get my life. And so, I can see that all areas of life are worthy of consideration.

I don’t intend to neglect anything anymore. I intend to create space for new possibilities.