6 Website Essentials for Musicians [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Musicians: do you know what your website needs? Are you aware of the different items you should be incorporating?

The following hand-drawn, digitally-painted infographic shows you exactly what components you need to be thinking about as you develop your home on the web. They are:

  1. Your music: you need to be able to show your visitors what you sound like. Whether you use samples or full-length tracks is up to you.
  2. High quality photography: don’t cut corners with your pictures. You need some great shots, especially for your home page as well as your bio page.
  3. A bio: you need to introduce your band to the world with your band bio. You need a well-written account that covers the five Ws; who, what, when, where, why.
  4. An opt-in form: for collecting email addresses. It is absolutely critical to be building your mailing list as a musician.
  5. Tour/show dates: so your fans know when you will be performing next! Show dates can also help with your overall credibility when media people and venue owners come to check out your website.
  6. A blog: a place to update your fans and chronicle your journey. You can even write articles from time to time if you enjoy writing.

In addition to that, there are three good-to-haves:

  1. Video: video is a powerful promotional tool that enables you to show the world who you are, what you look like, and what you sound like.
  2. Store: if all you have is one EP or album, you may not need a store yet, but as you expand your merch offerings, you should definitely be looking at setting up your own online store.
  3. EPK: your electronic press kit.

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What Your Website Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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