What Wants to Emerge

by | May 17, 2021 | Entrepreneurship

You can go with the flow or fight against it.

Which isn’t to say that one way is right and the other is wrong.

It’s just that one path has the potential for fast progress, while the other is sure to be an uphill battle.

See, the reality is that not everything we undertake needs to be a struggle. It’s just that we aren’t always sure what it might look like to lean into what’s naturally and organically occurring instead of stubbornly insisting on our own ways. When we insist on our way, that’s when we struggle.

I say, “what’s becoming obvious,” but when we’re focused on trying to reach a specific destination we’ve been planning for and envisioning in our minds, going with the flow can seem counter intuitive. It can even look like heading down the wrong road entirely.

The prime example in my life has been Music Entrepreneur HQ. I recently shared how the business has always grown at its own pace, doing what it wants to. It has rarely heeded my commands.

But that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have a future it wants to live into.

If I were to lean into what I see happening with the business, it might mean turning it into a content site. It might mean hiring a writer-editor whose job it would be to create and manage all the content. And I’m beginning to see possibilities for what that might look like.

I have no plans of making any big pivots at this exact moment. I will be spending some time reflecting on my break in June.

But because of the volume of guest post requests I get, what seems obvious is that Music Entrepreneur HQ wants to be a content site.

Similarly, you might be missing the obvious, if only because you want to control outcomes and see things pan out a certain way.

But what if the projects and ideas you’re so heavily invested in are already progressing in a direction you never planned for? And what if what appears to be the wrong path leads exactly where you’ve been trying to get to all along?

What would it look like to go with the flow? In what areas do you find yourself insisting on your way instead of seizing the opportunities available? How are you resisting what wants to emerge?

Can you allow what wants to emerge?

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