What Does ClickUp Brain Make Possible?

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

A few short months ago, I covered the launch of ClickUp AI. It turned out to be a godsend for helping me plan my event (I think we ended up booking the venue that the AI suggested) and brainstorming ideas for my new comedic video series.

Not content to stop there, though, ClickUp has introduced another upgrade that could revolutionize you, your team, or your company’s productivity – ClickUp Brain.

What is ClickUp Brain?

ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is the first of its kind – an AI neural network that has its finger on the pulse of your team’s productivity.

The thing about productivity software is that no matter how well-acquainted you become with it, you can still easily end up losing track of specific tasks or documents. Digging for the information you need can be frustrating and can even result in efficiency losses.

That’s where ClickUp Brain has got your back. Let’s say you’re wondering what James was working on last week. ClickUp AI can tell you – all you need to do is ask!

Whether it’s what project to work on next, policy-related questions, or who belongs to what team, ClickUp Brain can offer contextual answers to your pressing project management questions.

If you’d like to see ClickUp Brain in action, click here.

What Are the Advantages of ClickUp AI?

With the addition of ClickUp Brain, which truly is like the brains of the operation, it makes leveraging ClickUp AI in pre-existing and new ways even more efficient. Here is what you can do with the AI:


One of the coolest things about ClickUp Brain is that you can access it from anywhere within your Workspace. You can ask the AI whatever you want, and it will offer relevant information based on your role (and even location) in the company.

Writing Assistant

This should be a familiar function to anyone who has been experimenting with ClickUp AI. The write function lets you leverage custom prompts to generate relevant content, and of course you have the option of editing the output yourself or try again by offering the AI a tweaked prompt.

AI Tools

I feel like we need a better name for this – maybe “role-specific prompts?”

Either way, AI Tools is a writing assistant featuring 100+ prompts that have been crafted specifically for different roles in the company. The prompts are arranged by department, so you can’t miss.


It’s not shocking at this point, but it’s nice to know that you can ask AI to edit your content – whether personally generated or AI generated. You can ask it to improve the writing, fix spelling and grammar, make the content longer or shorter, or simplify your writing.

AI Standup

The AI can provide you with a list of tasks that have been worked on by your team at a frequency and in a format that makes sense for you.

Create Automations

If it wasn’t enough that you can find what you’re looking for with greater ease, ClickUp now allows you to automate certain tasks. All you need to do is set the Actions, Triggers, and Conditions, and the rest will take care of itself.

Create Subtasks

We all know that a task usually encompasses multiple steps. That means you usually end up having to lay out the steps specific team members are to take.

But now you can have AI generate subtasks for you, and it can figure it out for you with little more than the task name.

Create Tasks and Docs

There is no need to create Tasks and Docs manually anymore. You can have AI create them for you, and you can do it all from the ClickUp 3.0 toolbar.

Summarize Content

Whether it’s Tasks, Docs, updates, or even Inbox comments, you can have AI summarize key content for you.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are handy for tracking specific things related to your company’s activities. The fun thing about ClickUp AI is you can have the AI generate task summaries and updates without ever having to open a task.

Task Comment Replies

Don’t want to reply to updates? This one is a little “out there,” though maybe it won’t be once we get our head wrapped around it. You can have AI help you create a reply by supplying a custom prompt to AI.

Email Replies

ClickUp AI can help you create replies to emails based on Tasks within your Workspace. Again, it’s simply a matter of supplying a prompt.

Transcribe Voice Clips

This is something you don’t even need to ask AI to do. It will automatically transcribe Voice Clips. The transcription is displayed underneath the comment.


Does your team require translations? No problem – ClickUp AI can handle that too!

And based on my own experience, it does a bang-up job, and it will probably only get better.

Privacy and Security

Worried about data leaks? Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that everyone on your team is trustworthy and has set themselves up with strong passwords, ClickUp AI adheres to certain privacy and security standards, which means you should never find your intellectual property splayed all over the internet for everyone to see.

Closing Thoughts, ClickUp Brain

Everything covered here is but the starting point. There is so much more you can do with ClickUp AI. And with the addition of ClickUp Brain, which might just know more about how everyone on your team is doing than you do (wild), it’s sure to make mincemeat out of tedious, menial administrative tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about ClickUp Brain and what it can do to help you, your team, or your company be more efficient, click here to explore further.