What do You do for Self-Improvement?

by | May 4, 2023 | Personal Development

My self-improvement routine changes periodically.

Currently, I’m focused on three things:

  • A two-year intensive leadership program. The program requires 12 to 15 hours per week of my time. There are calls, meetings, and classrooms that make up most of that time.
  • Blogging daily. It takes discipline to blog daily, but I enjoy it. I am currently reassessing whether to continue with this.
  • Working out four times per week. I started getting back into working out in February. When I was getting started, I was only working out once or twice per week, but as I got back into it, three to four times per week became the norm. I have been getting four workouts per week consistently for at least three weeks now.

There are other activities I value highly, like reading books and listening to podcasts, audio programs, and audiobooks. Although I may still engage in these activities here and there, the above remains a higher priority.