What August Taught Me

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Personal Development

This is more stream of consciousness than anything.

But I thought it would be worth reflecting on this past month, which was mostly dedicated to my working vacation and some local travel.

Here is what August taught me:

  • You need to be able to say “no” and not have it mean anything. Know when too much is too much and let others know when you’ve reached that point.
  • Time away can transform your home. By the time you’ve returned, you will see it with new eyes. As the late Wayne Dyer said, “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Returning home represents a good opportunity to begin appreciating what you have more.
  • When creating change in life, the best place to come from is a space of gratitude and appreciation. Things tend not to change when you feel like there is always somewhere else to get to, something better to be, something more to do. When you come from that space, you only attract more things to get, to be, and to do.
  • Leave the phone in the pocket and put it on vibrate. Turn off all but essential notifications. You don’t need constant reminders that you’re getting texts, messages, and emails, and nor does anyone else around you.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Smell the roses. Again, put away the phones and cameras and just be there.
  • People aren’t hearing what you aren’t saying. Are you speaking up and saying what needs to be said?
  • Empty your head. Get everything down on a yellow legal pad, notebook, or whiteboard. Action can wait.
  • When you’re asking yourself whether you should make a request of someone, the answer is almost always “yes.” Don’t give yourself more than 30 seconds to make up your mind and just do it.
  • Opulence may seem out of reach at times. But it can always be rented, especially in groups.
  • The beach you get to in the nick of time to enjoy the last hours of sunlight are better than all the “better” beaches you couldn’t possibly reach before nightfall.

Thanks for reading, champ!