Guest Posting for Music Entrepreneur HQ in 2021

by | Apr 1, 2020 | News

Thanks for your interest in guest posting with us.

At Music Entrepreneur HQ, we take content seriously. So, we are not accepting guest posts from anyone and everyone.

Here are the most up-to-date terms and rates for guest posting with us:

(Note: We are extremely selective with guest contributions. In most cases, you should expect to be rejected. If it’s clear from your proposal that you have read these terms, are a professional, and can write coherently in English, you stand a much better chance of being accepted.)

Submitting a Guest Post to Music Entrepreneur HQ in 2021

Please read the following terms in full before getting in touch with us regarding your submission.

Guest posts cost $50 USD. To expedite the publishing process, we suggest sending $50 USD to our PayPal account at your earliest convenience. Your piece will be professionally edited to fit the tone and style of the website. Once sent, the money is non-refundable under any circumstance.

We are only accepting quality submissions. Essay writing services, marketing agencies and SEO agencies need not apply, unless you specialize in music business related content. If you can’t write or edit yourself, find someone else who can.

We reserve the right to edit your piece for clarity, conciseness and comprehensiveness. We’ve received a lot of submissions that were doomed from the start. Common issues include unclear titles, irrelevant introductory paragraphs and unnecessary waffling in the body. We pride ourselves in publishing quality content and will not settle for anything less.

We do not accept pieces with more than two to three links in it. You can have self-serving links in your post, but there should never be more than two to three links. If there are, we will make the executive decision for you and whittle down your link count to two or three. The only exception is if you need to link to sources, quotes, stats and studies.

We will not change the links – you get what you get. Please do not request dofollow, nofollow or otherwise. You get what you get.

We have a publishing schedule and do not take requests for publishing dates. Once we’ve accepted your piece, we guarantee publishing. But we do not guarantee publishing on a specific date.

We expect your content to be quality, unique and over 800 words. Filler words will be deleted, so if your word count doesn’t add up after editing, your piece may be rejected.

We expect you to format your piece properly. Use commonsense. Use title case for headings (e.g. How to Create a Hit Single). Separate lists by headings, not bulleted lists. Create a “Conclusion,” “Final Thoughts,” or “Summary” section at the end. A lot of you do this anyway, but do not separate it out as its own section.

You must come up with your own topic ideas. Cruise through our archives to get a sense of the type of content we publish, as well as what might be missing from our content archives.

We expect you to send your author photo and two- to three-sentence bio with your guest post. Yes, we do check.

Get in Touch

Just a few more things before you get in touch:

  • Please don’t ask whether we accept guest posts. Get straight to the pitch please.
  • No lengthy introductions required. Get straight to the pitch please.
  • Send your payment of $50 USD right away. We don’t want to idly discuss the piece.
  • No argument. The above terms are set in stone and are not up for discussion or negotiation.
  • Review the above terms. That way, you’ll know what to expect.

When you’re ready, you can get in touch with me directly.

Thank you.