Weekly Digest: September 25, 2021

by | Sep 25, 2021 | News

This quarter, in the leadership program I’ve been taking, I’ve taken on being the point person for organizing Saturday clinics. In these clinics, participants are trained on the technology for accomplishing desired outcomes in their respective projects.

I never would have anticipated that this would be a vehicle for personal transformation. While organizing the clinics, I have been triggered. Past wounds and hurts have been driven up. Specifically, I have felt as though I don’t matter. So, reaching out to book hosts and promote the event has been confronting.

Today, even though I was able to book the hosts (at the last minute), no one showed up to the event. Not surprisingly, the hosts had something to say about that. And that was confronting too, though it ultimately ended up being a great opportunity to connect with the hosts (as they say, there are no coincidences, right?).

Some part of this will likely be familiar to you, as well, whether it’s booking gigs, applying to be in a festival, or joining a competition.

It can be discouraging when no one shows up to your gigs, despite your best efforts to promote them. When your festival application gets rejected. When your “baby” doesn’t win the competition.

It would be easy to insert some inspirational quote here about perseverance and we could all feel good about it.

Instead, what I will offer is this.

When you’re confronting something, it’s important to realize that it’s all made up.

“I don’t matter” is completely made up. It’s merely what I made past events mean.

When we’ve distinguished what we’ve made past events mean, there’s an opportunity to create new meaning. It’s all made up anyway. After all, the past is but a memory now, and the only thing that keeps bringing it back is what we say about it.

I could say, “I’m bold, courageous, connected, and I do matter. My requests are heard.” And it would be just as true as anything else I’ve said about those events.

What is something you’ve been stuck on? What have you made the past mean? What new meaning could you bring to the story you keep telling yourself about your past?

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Final Thoughts

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