Weekly Digest: October 23, 2021

by | Oct 23, 2021 | News

David Andrew Wiebe, October 2021Opportunities are everywhere. And that’s part of the problem.

We are blessed to be in a time when we’ve got a near endless set of options to choose from, whether it’s marketing channels, Netflix shows, or restaurants to eat at.

When faced with so many options, though, sorting through the candidates and prioritizing the best avenues becomes increasingly difficult, and it’s easy to start questioning whether you’re even doing the right things anymore.

Case in point:

Having tired of playing Super Mario Maker for the 3DS, I was browsing through the Nintendo eShop last night, looking for a game I might want to buy.

If I was browsing Steam, despite all the options, I would have found a game. But on the Nintendo eShop, after flipping through 20 pages, I gave up and went back to watching something on YouTube.

The eShop has got a real problem. And while this is not a review of the eShop, it makes the point that, it’s not just about the opportunities, but how the opportunities are presented.

On Steam, I find it easy to browse sales, search for titles I might enjoy, check out the latest releases, and so on. The eShop has all this functionality built in too, but it’s much harder to navigate, the interface is cumbersome, and the most important parts of the games (the visuals) are not displayed prominently.

This is an important lesson in UI design and communication through graphics in general, but as applied to opportunity – we need to be intentional about collating, organizing, and arranging our opportunities. If we don’t do this, we’ll only be further entrenched in the creative rut that plagues every creative at one point or another (I suspect it’s more frequent than you would like).

I get that our schedules are already over-full, that we’re trying to fit in time for that course we bought last week, never mind allocating more time to thinking and reflection. But if we aren’t reviewing our opportunities regularly, we’re certainly missing the best ones, and leaving a lot of success units on the table.

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