Weekly Digest: October 2, 2021

by | Oct 2, 2021 | News

Sales has been the theme of the week.

And isn’t there something fundamentally slimy and icky about sales? Doesn’t it make you cringe just thinking about it?

Maybe, maybe not, but the point is we all have an association with sales, and oftentimes it’s negative.

We’ve had that experience of being sold to, or being recruited for a network marketing company, or being roped into a deal that didn’t feel right. For some reason, we always seem to conjure up the worst experiences we’ve ever had first instead of thinking about the dozens of frictionless transactions we make every single week.

To transform our relationship to sales, we need to look at why sales are so important:

  • Without sales, we can’t create a sustainable career or business
  • Without sales, we can’t grow and scale our career or business
  • Without sales, we can’t adequately show our appreciation and gratitude for others, their time, and their contribution to us

I’m all for volunteerism and humanitarian work. Last quarter, my team and I raised about $300 for the education of underprivileged children in South America.

But you also want to know that what you’re doing is of value. You want to be validated. And importantly, you want to continue to provide a service to others that gets better with time.

What can you do in your career or business to ensure a steady stream of sales?

And going beyond that, what small and local businesses could you start supporting? In the strange times we’re in, the giants keep getting bigger, and the small guys keep getting dumped on (if not because of closures, then with taxation).

Let’s sow some seeds and build some goodwill. Start buying from smaller eCommerce or brick and mortar businesses. Support other artists. Show that you care. And if you see someone that could be doing things differently to improve their products and services, offer feedback and contribute to them (that includes me).

We don’t need to make sales about ourselves. We can make it about the people who are going to benefit from doing business with us. We can make it about contributing to others in a meaningful way. You vote with your dollar. Don’t just talk a big game. Act on your values.

You vote with your dollar. Don’t just talk a big game. Act on your values. Share on X

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Must-Have Resource

There’s a personal development program I’ve been through three times, and each time I go through it, I learn more about myself and what matters most to me. I’ve also been able to improve my health, grow my business, and challenge myself intellectually.

The name of the program is The Gold Within.

Any artist looking to get clear on the impact and difference they want to make in the world (their brand) should go through The Gold Within program at least once.

The Gold Within

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.