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David Andrew Wiebe, March 2021Increasingly, I find myself reflecting on what works.

To some extent, this will always be individual. Because you may be good at things I’m not, and I may be good at things you’re not. But your best work will always stem from your genius zone.

In a broader sense, though, the clues of success are all around us. It’s just a matter of whether we’re paying attention.

I am beginning to see those clues more clearly each day.

Still, seeking council and advice has been a strong focus for me this year. I don’t think I’m looking for anything earth shattering. I’m just looking for the little tweaks, the little pivots that are going to create results.

Otherwise, you die on the altar of the starving artist, and you were not destined for martyrdom.

When something doesn’t work, you iterate and try again.

Unless you’re starting from scratch, the clues of greatness are also reflected in your own journey. You’ve done things that have worked, and those that haven’t. And inevitably, 20% of what you’ve done to this point has generated 80% of the results.

The constant grind rarely provides a reprieve. It doesn’t give you time enough to think and reflect on what has worked. So, you keep hustling and grinding, without giving any thought to what it might look like to focus and double down on the effective work you do.

Which is why we need time to think and reflect. Though we’ve all been gifted with intuition, and we may even know what we need to do next, this doesn’t mean we will instantly abandon the familiar for the uncomfortable.

There’s more to it than just knowing. It’s about clarity of vision – the willingness to endure the pain of cocooning up, at least temporarily, in preparation of the moment you emerge as the fire-breathing, polymathic pterodactyl you are.

With that, here’s what I made for you this week:

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Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.

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