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David Andrew Wiebe, March 2021Platforms will come and go. That’s an inevitability. And they don’t seem to have much interest in keeping their most loyal users happy.

Just as your Facebook post’s organic reach continually diminishes…

Just as they actively penalize anyone who dares link to anything outside of their site…

It’s only a matter of time before your favorite platform – Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, or otherwise – refuses to deliver the same level of engagement to your content.

The thing that many creatives still don’t seem to have figured out – and it baffles me – is the cruciality of building their own platform, and more importantly, a database.

Sure, listen to the trendy youngsters on this if you want. But I assure you they will find themselves starting from scratch more than once.

“It’s much easier to build an audience on a popular platform” they say, with a complete lack of foresight that betrays the bittersweet pangs of history.

What happened to Friendster? LiveJournal? MySpace? Google+? Vine?

Sure, some of these platforms are still around, some with a new, flashy coat of paint. But let’s face the facts – platforms will come and go. You can’t depend on them.

I’m not saying don’t take advantage of them.

I syndicate most of my articles to Medium. I publish unique content to News Break. I’m quite active on Twitter.

But I’ve also backed up every post I’ve ever written. Because one day, it may need to find a new home.

Medium is fine. It has helped me reach a broader base of readers. I continue to get invited to post on publications with more visibility. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

But if anybody thinks I’m going to jump through hoops to be on a publication that can’t deliver 1,000 views instantly is completely out of their mind – there are too many demands on my schedule, and I don’t make enough on Medium to justify that kind of effort.

This is not “do as I say, not as I do.” I own and maintain multiple platforms – Music Entrepreneur HQ, Creative Entrepreneur HQ, Using Your Power, and others. I do not actively update all of them, but they exist.

Don’t just be trendy. Be smart. Back up your work. Grow your list. Have something you own that you can fall back on.

With that, here’s today’s weekly summary.

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