Weekly Digest: July 3, 2021

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David Andrew Wiebe, May 2021One summer, I drove from Calgary to Lethbridge to spend some time with a friend from jr. high and high school.

What I remember most about the few days I spent at his home is catching some rays in his backyard, sitting around a firepit, talking about what had happened since high school.

“So, I have a younger friend who I’m kind of mentoring,” my friend said to me. “I’m going to be inviting him over later, and he’s a good kid, but one thing you should know about him is that he asks a lot of questions.”

He emphasized this point as if it were a compulsory disclaimer at the front of a TV program intended only for adults. Clearly, this kid’s constant questioning had put some off in the past.

Well, sure enough, when his friend showed up, he asked a lot of questions, digging beneath the surface, clarifying motivations, getting a better sense of the inner workings of the world and the people around him.

I never took offense to his questions, though, and instead embraced them, even when he personally apologized for asking so many questions.

He must have been in his mid- to late-teens at the time, but you could have mistaken him for a child, compulsively and repeatedly asking “why?” when presented with facts we’ve long since adapted to as adults (such as “the sky is blue”).

I didn’t find fault with his questioning, though. Rather, I saw it as a quality to embrace.

See, as adults, we’re supposed to have it all “figured out.” We stop asking questions, even when we feel as though we haven’t been provided with satisfactory answers.

The sky is blue because the sky is blue. We just accept it. But when you stop and think about it, that’s not a satisfactory answer at all. “I cheated because I cheated” would not be an acceptable answer coming from your significant other.

The essence of it is this – we should never stop asking questions, even if they strike us as obvious or “stupid.” We should develop the courage to ask anyway. If we never ask, we’ll never know.

Asking questions could form the foundation of breakthroughs in your career, finances, health and well-being, relationships, spirituality, and more.

Don’t stop asking questions. You never know what you might discover or what opportunities you’ll be presented with.

With that, here’s what I created for you this week:

My Top Picks of the Week

As you may have noticed, I do a ton of publishing every week. So much so that most people can’t keep up (it’s one of the reasons I started creating these weekly digests).

Well, if the weekly digest is the 80/20, then my top picks of the week are the 64/4. The best of the best.

Here are (in my opinion) the best pieces I created this week:

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Random Things I Dig

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.