Weekly Digest: July 10, 2021

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David Andrew Wiebe, May 2021You don’t need everyone to share your vision. You only need the people who are touched, moved, and inspired by it. And the more specific the vision you’re living into, the better. It makes it easier to identify those who see what’s possible.

All too often, we are surprised to find others aren’t excited about the same things we’re excited about. So, we let that lack of agreement set us back. We begin to question our motives and lose confidence in our direction.

But you don’t need agreement from everyone. You just need agreement from those who share in the vision.

Every day, you are creating your world. And you are creating it with the words you speak. Are you present to what you’re saying?

Pay close attention to the conversations you’re having. Because they always reflect your present circumstances. They are indicative of what you’re creating.

If you want to transform your circumstances, begin having different conversations.

With that, here’s what I created for you this week:

My Top Picks of the Week

I do a ton of publishing every week. So much so that most people can’t keep up (it’s one of the reasons I started creating these weekly digests).

Well, if the weekly digest is the 80/20, then my top picks of the week are the 64/4. The best of the best.

Here are (in my opinion) the best pieces I created this week:

David Andrew Wiebe

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Here’s what went live this week:

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Here’s what I shared on Steemit this week:

Random Things I Dig

SomaFM. I especially like Groove Salad.

Featured Product

There’s a personal development program I’ve been through three times, and each time I go through it, I learn more about myself and what matters most to me. I’ve also been able to improve my health, grow my business, and challenge myself intellectually.

The name of the program is The Gold Within.

Any artist looking to get clear on the impact and difference they want to make in the world (their brand) should go through The Gold Within program at least once.

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The Gold Within

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.