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David Andrew Wiebe, February 2021No matter who you are, there will be ups and downs in your creative career.

And some weeks, you will question yourself, your direction, and even your aptitude to carry out your grand vision. You may even feel like a helpless baby, incapable of doing the simplest things you’ve trained yourself to do, with years or even decades of experience behind you.

Unaware of what you might be facing, others may begin piling on when you already feel less than your best self, when things in your life are already intense, stressful, or difficult.

You receive the feedback and hold your tongue, even when you feel compelled to defend yourself. Because it’s your mission that drives you. Not your emotions.

But there is one fundamental truth that you should be encouraged by, no matter what challenges you face.

Diamonds are formed pressure.

We must believe that if there is trouble, whatever its depth or extent, there is always an upside and an opportunity of equal proportions waiting to be discovered.

And while we will not find the silver lining instantly, most assuredly it is waiting at the other end of the dark tunnel. The dark tunnel is necessary for our growth. That is what we must believe.

This week, I did not publish a podcast episode. I was dumbfounded by how I was treated by a prospective guest. I also had an unpleasant text conversation with a friend, and my sleeping schedule has been a little out of sorts.

None of which are valid excuses. But given the choice between giving a half-hearted effort or publishing something I can be proud of I will choose the latter every time. And in the future, if I miss a week, you will know why.

I am still learning a great deal, and still adapting to my new schedule, my various projects, as well as a few one-offs that have put a premium on my time.

But I reiterate what I know in my heart to be true – diamonds are formed under pressure.

So, take heart. Whatever you might be going through now is temporary, and you will ultimately be better off for it.

This got kind of long, but with that, I’d like to share what I got up to this week.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.

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