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David Andrew Wiebe, February 2021Broadly, there are two ways of approaching the development of your projects, products, and website.

You can begin with a minimum viable framework and solicit feedback immediately, or you can quietly develop your work in the background until it is “ready” (of course, the second method doesn’t bar you from gathering feedback along the way).

The benefit of taking the minimum viable approach, besides the fact that you can gather feedback and iterate on your design, is that you can also earn an independent income as you’re improving your work.

I tend to favor minimum viable. It always gives me a good sense of whether my projects have legs before I put more time into developing them.

That said, if I’m not open minded enough to hear what others have to say about my projects, the minimum viable approach deals out pain like a banana peel is yellow.

Because having your baby ridiculed summons all your protective impulses. But you must be patient and be willing to hear what’s being said. It’s the only way to improve.

With the recent launch of my course, the product itself was fully developed. But I started with a minimum viable framework for the sales page/process.

So, I started gathering feedback from my mastermind group and other entrepreneurial groups I’m a part of. And then I made changes based on the feedback I’d received.

And now, based on the results, I’m making additional changes. I’m adding an opt-in offer and a tripwire.

When I began the project, I didn’t have the foresight to see that I would be stacking more products. If it generates results, though, I’m all for putting in the work.

But it affirms something important – there are no shortcuts.

Developing additional assets has felt a little like taking a long walk for a short drink.  But in the end, I know it will make the offer stronger.

So, the question I want to pose to you is – what are you putting off doing that you know will make a difference in your career?

That is an area worthy of your attention. Even if it seems like it would be a long walk for a short drink, the effort you put into developing your work could be the difference between remaining stagnant and making meaningful progress.

With that, here’s your weekly digest.

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