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David Andrew Wiebe, February 2021Recently, I have found myself returning to the simple joys of creating.

Not that I haven’t been enjoying the journey all along. I would not be able to sustain much of what I do if I did not keep fulfillment in view.

But since bringing on a podcast editor, I have felt a shift. Sharing in the duties has shaved several hours off my week. To be fair, I have mostly reinvested that time back into the projects that matter to me.

And fulfillment – be it personal or communal – is of greater importance than the stat sheets, which report on the cold, hard numbers that don’t always match expectation.

At times, we will all take the simple things for granted. Much of what we choose as creatives and creators stems from an initial burst of excitement, though it is not those elated in-love feelings that carry us over the finish line. At some point, it all becomes work, plain and simple.

Genius does not happen by accident. It’s the product of repeatedly showing up, doing the work, and practicing consistently.

Even so, as we make progress, and share in the work, and importantly, practice presence in the act of creating, we can return to those seemingly fleeting moments of excitement that gripped us early on. Only to discover those feelings never left. They have only matured.

I look forward to sharing more on getting back to the basics, perhaps in a future podcast episode.

Because at some point, doing what we know to do has the tendency to be reduced to duty or obligation. Ask your significant other whether they like to be reduced to duty or obligation. That’s a surefire way to kill the fires of passion.

When passion turns to work, we may even find ourselves cutting corners. But if we practice presence in our work, we will slowly but surely return to sculpting our figurative marble slab into our own Michelangelo.

With that, here is your weekly digest.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.

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