Weekly Digest: April 24, 2021

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David Andrew Wiebe, April 2021Clarity can come from unexpected places.

Whether you feel stuck or unsure of your next steps, it’s important to realize that the breakthrough you need likely isn’t going to come from well-worn creative wells.

The enemies of clarity are pervasive besides.

The first is what falls under the category of addictions. Shopping, drama, video games, movies, alcohol, food, or otherwise – we all have our vices.

Addictions are an escape, and they tend to cloud our intuition, mask our true feelings, and prevent clear thinking. Because of the instant dopamine rush they provide they can lull us into a false sense of accomplishment and success, even as fires are breaking out all around us.

The second is our routine. Sustaining a routine takes discipline, and while discipline is a virtue, if you have not time enough for spontaneity, a deviation from the norm, as well as prolonged thinking, reflecting, and journaling sessions, you are unlikely to recognize what might already be in front of your nose.

Finally, there’s busyness. Temporary busyness is fine. It can even be purposeful.

When I was a graphic and web designer, we used to have “blitz” days, where we’d commit to putting the finishing touches on projects that had been sitting for a while. A blitz day could last well into the night, but of course, we’d reward ourselves with a pizza or a night at the movies for our effort.

But when busyness becomes our default, we should not be surprised to find the waters grow murky. Long-term caffeine-fueled hustles almost always end the same way, with the hustler wishing they had been more sensible in their approach. Because after exhaustion comes burnout, and burnout can be a costly, ornery, long-term companion.

No one makes good decisions at 3 AM after days, weeks, months, or even years of overwork and fatigue. There’s no clarity to be found there.

In my recent live streaming efforts, I have found more clarity than ever expected. The newness of it is exciting, but oddly, it has almost become like a visit to the shrink. A chance to express myself and to be heard without judgment (though there is no audience more judgmental than the one hiding behind digital anonymity).

There’s much one could say about that, but the point is that I see my past with greater clarity. Which helps me see the present with increased clarity as well.

Leave some space in your life for something out of the ordinary. It could be an opportunity to capture the seemingly elusive omnipresence of your calling.

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