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We’ve all heard about the power of visualization. God has gifted each of us with an imagination, and our imagination is fertile ground for envisioning the type of reality we’d like to see ourselves living out. Proper visualization techniques will cause you to act on the information that you are feeding to your mind. You can achieve levels of productivity you never thought possible.

However, there are several key components that don’t often get talked about as it pertains to visualization. When you study and understand these concepts, your daydreaming will take you to a whole new level in your life.

Visualize Your Financial Future

Feel Good About It

As you picture your future in your mind’s eye, always ask yourself if you feel good about it or if you feel bad about it.

Most of us are not really in touch with our inner world. Unless you can get yourself into a place of feeling good, you’re not harnessing the full potential of visualization.

You have to trust your internal guidance system. If a goal doesn’t feel good to you, it means that you either have some guilt associated with it, or you can’t see yourself reaching that level of accomplishment this time. Change your focus and think about other outcomes you’d like to see play out in your life. Find one that feels right in the moment.

Focus on an Achievable Goal

Depending on your past accomplishments and experiences, you may discover that some of your goals don’t seem achievable right now. That’s okay. Try to reach for and visualize a goal that you could see yourself completing in the near future. Even a small goal is fine. Little victories tend to compound and build into greater victories.

Take Your Time

Envisioning your future is certainly powerful, but it should be done consistently (daily, if possible) and for longer periods of time (several minutes). Oftentimes we only imagine our desired future for brief, fleeting moments. If you want to unleash the power of your mind’s eye, try to flesh out what you would be seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting when you reach a desired end.

Take Action

Ultimately, you have to put some action behind your goals. This is the part that people sometimes dread.

Certainly, going into a better feeling place and activating your faith and belief can begin to draw to you things, people and circumstances that you’ve been waiting and hoping for. However, it is more about the activity that comes out of being in that positive emotional state than it is about the work itself.

Moreover, the meeting place of activity and enjoyment is your personal “sweet spot”. Even when you work really hard, if you don’t enjoy it, it will probably be less effective. When you do a little bit of work that you really enjoy, it’s far more productive than spending a lot of time and energy on what you don’t enjoy.