In 2016, I launched a personal development podcast called Using Your Power with co-host Maveen Kaura and published 62 episodes. Listeners loved it because they got a better sense of my personality and philosophies away from the world of music entrepreneurship, where I’ve been the most prolific.

In this episode, Maveen and I discuss endorsements. We look at how endorsements work in a variety of contexts, and prompt listeners to think about how they’re tapping into the power of endorsement in their lives.

Podcast Highlights:

00:11 – Why endorsements?
03:36 – How would you define an endorsement?
04:45 – Word of mouth endorsements
11:25 – Online reviews and forums
14:35 – Endorsements in sports
17:17 – Coke or Pepsi schools
19:40 – Business endorsements
23:02 – Examples of using social media in endorsements
25:12 – Personal endorsements
30:51 – Endorsements in entertainment
35:39 – Becoming endorsable
36:50 – Affiliate marketing
40:28 – Endorsing books
44:03 – Product endorsements
49:39 – Summary of the show and outro

Hold Your Horses, Cow-Person!

From: David Andrew Wiebe
To: You!

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