In 2016, I launched a personal development podcast called Using Your Power with co-host Maveen Kaura and published 62 episodes. Listeners loved it because they got a better sense of my personality and philosophies away from the world of music entrepreneurship, where I’ve been the most prolific.

In this episode, Maveen and I look at the world of pharmaceuticals from a variety of angles.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Pharmaceuticals
02:22 – Commercials are constantly selling you drugs
04:33 – Sugar pills/placebos
05:33 – Who is selling the prescription drugs?
08:22 – Some people need prescription drugs (but it’s not everyone!)
09:19 – Follow the money trail
11:31 – What doctors are trained to do
13:34 – Psychiatry
15:52 – Prostate checks
17:33 – The power of the mind
18:48 – The connection to the food industry
22:00 – The connection to media
24:03 – What is our experience with pharmaceuticals?
29:35 – Does the body ever eliminate everything that goes into it?
30:12 – Vaccines
31:47 – The beginning of the end
35:30 – Endorsements/mind control
37:10 – Other “drugs” we tend not to think about
41:01 – There are other options
43:37 – The life of athletes
44:57 – Disclaimer

Hold Your Horses, Cow-Person!

From: David Andrew Wiebe
To: You!

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