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In 2016, I launched a personal development podcast called Using Your Power with co-host Maveen Kaura and published 62 episodes. Listeners loved it because they got a better sense of my personality and philosophies away from the world of music entrepreneurship, where I’ve been the most prolific.

In this episode, Maveen and I discuss buying a house. Although we all need a place to live, and we will be paying money to someone (the bank or a landlord), buying a house isn’t the right decision for everyone. Timing is also a factor. We explore all this and more in the third episode of Using Your Power.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Closing the open loop – buying a home
00:32 – Why do you want to buy a home?
03:14 – Separate work space
07:00 – We are in different places
09:12 – What are the common mortgage terms and down payments?
11:05 – Why buy a home
18:13 – How it’s not an asset
19:54 – Having a mortgage
22:51 – Planning extra payments
22:58 – Market crash and investing
27:05 – Paying off your mortgage faster
30:04 – Not prepared to buy a home?
32:31 – Security in buying a home
34:03 – When is the right time to purchase a home?
38:28 – Summary of the show and outro

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