In 2016, I launched a personal development podcast called Using Your Power with co-host Maveen Kaura and published 62 episodes. Listeners loved it because they got a better sense of my personality and philosophies away from the world of music entrepreneurship, where I’ve been the most prolific.

In this episode, we shared about why we decided to start the podcast, what personal development is, why personal development matters and more.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 – What’s going on
00:17 – How important podcast number one is
02:29 – Reflecting on why we got started
03:56 – Why personal development?
06:43 – Positional leadership
09:33 – Defining personal development
13:45 – Getting in to personal development
15:32 – Joining network marketing groups
17:48 – Why does personal development matter?
20:56 – Self-image and personal development
24:45 – Steps to minimize baggage
28:23 – Being a part of personal development
29:55 – Who is personal development for?
33:59 – Top three personal development leaders we listen to
38:45 – Summary of the show and outro

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