Update: December 9, 2022

by | Dec 9, 2022 | News

This has been a big week for David Andrew Wiebe (and, of course, I say that with all due humility… NOT!).

At long last, it’s coming to fruition, my plan to be in multiple places at the same time (how is it done?!).

Okay, that was maybe a little vague. So, before I go off on another shiny object tangent, here are some new places you WANT to find me this week.

Adrenalize Def Leppard Fan Podcast

As noted yesterday, episode zero of the Adrenalize Def Leppard Fan Podcast has launched! We also posted two audiograms on the new Adrenalize social media.

Episode zero is obviously an introductory one, and it’s there to set this project into motion.

Before anyone asks, yes, The New Music Industry Podcast will be back shortly… boy, it’s been a spotty year for that one, huh?

I’m also cooking up a new case study for Music Entrepreneur HQ.


Well, I’m actually over a week late in sharing this, but better late than never? Maybe? Nah… I guess it doesn’t count.

Nevertheless, my article on 5 best ways to promote your song is live on Bandzoogle, and it’s an exquisite read. Go down to the wine cellar and procure your finest wine, fine citizen, because you will savor and celebrate this piece as if it were the finest of complementary aged cheddars (or insert your favorite cheese here). Cheesy but delightful.

You can find this one on Hypebot as well.


Getting an article onto Soundfly has taken much longer than anticipated, but at long last, some recognition! What took you so long, guys? Seriously? I came up with this damn music entrepreneur thing and I’ve been talking about it since 2011 for crying out loud. Geez, you think people might give you credit for a damn thing around here…

My How to Write an Award-Winning Film Score article has been making its rounds in a variety of circles (links below), and it has finally infiltrated Soundfly / Flypaper as well. Muahahahaha… 😈 our plans for world domination valuable contribution are progressing smoothly.

Also see variations of the article on:

Music Entrepreneur News

Much thanks to Jared Moon and all contributing team members at Music Entrepreneur News for this piece:

The Renegade Musician Interview with David Andrew Wiebe

It’s been a blast talking about my new book… and it’s a guarantee that this won’t be the last you’ll have heard of it. There are plenty more interviews to come, and I’m excited to share about what is sure to be my most controversial book yet… please don’t cancel me, I’m only human.

And, given half a chance, I would ramble on about it endlessly right here on my blog. But the majestic overlords have put a cap on my word count, and I must abide by their laws, or I shall be struck down by an electrified limp pickle. It’s not as pleasant as it sounds.

Oh, but please do reach out to me for comment if you’re an attractive, lovely, intelligent, beautiful, strong, go-getter of a media person. And I have it that all media people are attractive, lovely, intelligent, beautiful, strong, go-getters. 😉

Later for now!