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95% of your life is on automatic. It’s ruled by your subconscious.

Because of that, life is predictable.

What’s interesting about that is that hell has been defined as Groundhog Day – going through the same day over and over without any change.

And, I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m sure you’ve had periods in your life that felt like that.

This isn’t to suggest that conscious effort is of no use. Far from it.

But it’s not of much use until you’ve achieved heart and brain coherence.

It’s not difficult, but it does require you to spend time in meditation. Specifically, I recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations.

Most of us are used to living in our heads and not our hearts. So, that’s where we can get stuck. We’re used to protecting our hearts.

We avoid exposing our hearts to anything that has the potential to harm us.

And before you say, “what harm?”, know it or not, you carry a childhood wound that has basically ruled your life to this point.

So, when we say 95% of your life is on automatic, this is exactly what it means. In your childhood, an event occurred. You made it mean something. And because of what you made it mean, you compensated in some way. You’ve been living that way ever since.

But what of the heart?

Well, when we open the heart, we become aware of our desires. We make a direct connection with our inner child. And our inner child knows everything we need to know about our purpose and reason for being here.

Opening the heart allows you to make future-based decisions instead of getting stuck in the past. Because if you’re living 95% unconscious, you’re making 95% of decisions based on what’s already happened.

When you make future-based decisions, life ceases to be boring. It becomes exciting again. You begin to embrace the adventure you always were – and still are – on.

From that space, unexpected blessings can occur.

Because, for once, you’re allowing. You’re letting go. You’re giving the universe a chance to connect your inner child with its desires.

The universe is unlimited. It can bring your desires to you in infinite ways.

But life is a mirror. So, when you say, “I hate my life,” what do you think you will see outwardly? More things to hate about life. Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world.

Life can be an adventure again. That’s what I’ve been discovering.

I’m not holding tightly to anything that has already come and gone. Because I know everything can change in a moment. Everything has changed in a moment. I’ve been blessed with the unexpected.

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