Understanding & Overcoming Perfectionism as an Artist

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Video

Perfectionism can hold you back. It can leave you feeling disempowered, unable to cause breakthroughs in your creative efforts and your music career. It can stifle you at every step, have you questioning yourself and your abilities, making choices that aren’t in complete alignment with your goals and the impact you’re capable of making in the world.

In this video, David breaks down perfectionism and explains why you insist on it. He shares authentically, from his heart, his own insecurities too. In this video, you will discover what’s at the root of perfectionism, and how you can overcome it.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:00 – Why do you insist on perfection?
  • 00:57 – I’m insecure just as you are
  • 01:20 – Perfectionism is stopping you from being all you could be
  • 01:51 – Perfectionism is ruining your creativity
  • 03:10 – Perfectionism is a standard
  • 04:44 – The impact of insecurity
  • 05:39 – If you want to be prolific, don’t insist on perfection
  • 06:15 – The risk of being the linchpin
  • 07:00 – You are unique
  • 08:38 – Closing thoughts