Turn the Perfectionism Filter off

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

Inevitably, this is what’s getting in the way of you being more prolific, publishing, and shipping – perfectionism.

Honestly, even though I blog daily and create a tremendous amount of content every week, I still have my filters.

“This is for later.”

“I will come back to this when I have time.”

“I can’t put this out there as is.”

But you can’t think like that if you want to be prolific.

It is worth building toward a masterpiece. I’m not negating editing, polishing, and perfecting your work. But if it’s not something you’re working on daily, can you honestly say it’s a priority for you? Will you ever be getting around to it again? Goals shape the present, not the future.

Some things are meant to be published. Now. There is no later.

Turn the perfectionism filter off. See how it changes the way you think about your work. See if it changes the frequency and velocity at which you publish.