Trying to be Superman

by | May 21, 2021 | Personal Development

I believe I’m speaking directly to most creatives and creators when I say that I find it easy to get distracted. Not just that, but I’ve created so many loose ends and open loops that I sometimes forget the promises I have yet to keep and deliver on.

I’ve had a couple of realizations regarding this.

The first is relatively commonsense. Projects don’t always progress linearly. But it is possible to focus on one thing until it’s complete. And this is the progression I intend to follow more intentionally.

I thrive on variety, and let’s face it, a little bit of chaos. So, this is not me saying I will only be doing one thing (music, writing, building businesses, or otherwise) for the rest of my life. This is me saying “let’s see what it might look like to take a bit of a different approach – an approach that doesn’t revolve around working on half a dozen different things daily.”

The second is that I need a better structure to support my ongoing efforts. What I’m trying to do is too much for just one man, and even for my small team. To be able to do everything I want to do, and create the business I’m looking to create, I will need to work with more people.

I have been able to create a great deal without much support. But for me to be able to shine in my strengths, and bring energy and enthusiasm to everything I do, there are some things I should not be doing – things that should be handled by team members.

Trying to be Superman is getting old. I’ve lived in that space for too long, and I’m tired. If I want new results, which I do, I need a breakthrough in this area.

It’s providence that I will be taking a yearlong team and leadership course starting June. I’m sure there is a great deal to discover there – not just on how to delegate or hand off responsibilities – but things about myself and my relationship to others.

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