Transform Your Relationship to Money

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

Our relationship with money is a byproduct of our association, especially with our parents and siblings.

There are two assumptions that can end up harming our chances of ever having a productive relationship with money:

  • Whatever we were taught about money – our inherited beliefs – are correct.
  • Questioning what we were taught is a moral and ethical dilemma.

Unless your parents are or were a five percenter, these beliefs will only hold you back.

Understand – out of 100 people, only four will be financially independent, and only one will be wealthy. This is a measurable fact.

Transforming your relationship with money begins with understanding that money moves for its own reasons. It doesn’t respond to desperation and begging. Ever notice how your friends who are hard up for money always seem to be hard up for money? Instead of creating a long-term financial strategy, they’re always scrambling at the last minute just to feed themselves. Is that what you want out of life?

Transforming your relationship to money will lead to very different results.

Read Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy. This is essential reading.