Top 3 Tips to Advance Your Music Career

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Regardless of where you’re currently at in your music career, it’s critical that you go over the basics every now and then. Doing so will enable you to think like a beginner, the time when you could easily visualize various possibilities.

If you look at it closely, to be a musician in the 21st century requires you to be an entrepreneur.

Technology has had a widespread impact across all industries over the past two decades, and music is one of them.

While artists of generations past had to work hard to land a record deal to grow a global fan base, nowadays, with the help of technology you can easily get your work out to every part of the world.

Furthermore, the music industry of the modern times has forced musicians to adapt to ensure their survival.

While the older musicians maintain their stand of working only alongside sources that pay them, younger musicians are seen taking a much wider view of their music careers.

If you, too, are a budding musician, trying to make your mark in the present-day music industry, here are some important tips that might help you.

Work on a Plan

You should think about a plan to advance your music career and jot it down on a piece of paper. It has been scientifically proven that hand written goals bring a lot of focus and clarity.

This process will also help you gain new insights into your strategy, enabling you to take a better approach. Furthermore, it is important for you to lay out your goals so clearly that there is not even a slight bit of uncertainty around them.


In the music industry and in other industries, it’s not so much about what you know, but who you know.

Other than knowing the key people, you should also learn to walk a mile in their shoes. There is no point handing out your cards to every single person you meet. You must figure out how you can benefit each other.

Networking is all about developing a mutually beneficial relationship where both the parties benefit from each other’s resources. Rather, it would be best to help others first, before asking for help.

Everything is About Sales

A fact that a large majority of musicians never come to terms with is that apart from being musicians, they also must be good at sales, to progress their careers.

While on one hand music is a transcendental language that breaks down all the barriers, it is also a type of entertainment. And to succeed as entertainers, you should be adequately compensated for your effort and time.

You should appreciate, learn, understand, master and execute sales to the best of your ability. And that should be done at all times, whether you are online, at a music conference or on stage. Sell, sell, sell!