Top 11 Tips for Starting Your Own Guitar Music Blog

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

Here in the internet age, information is not in scarce supply.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could start your own guitar music blog?

You could share personal trials and tribulations of trying to master the instrument or even promote your own recordings and introduce people to some new guitar music. You could even make a little money while you’re at it.

So, here are 11 tips on how to start and build your own guitar blog.

1. Make it Real

If you can’t play guitar, you shouldn’t be starting a guitar blog. Or, if you’re just starting out, you should be transparent about the fact that you are a complete beginner and share that journey with your audience.

The main thing is sincerity.

Bloggers have something to say and a desire to share that information with like-minded souls. Sharing in your own voice is the best way to build trust with your readers.

2. Research the Niche

Look at what other bloggers in the niche are doing. You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, so if you end up doing exactly what others are already doing, you may find building your audience to be an uphill battle. Also, looking at other blogs can help you come up with content and marketing ideas (more on this later).

The more you’re able to share something unique with others, the more likely your blog will become a go-to place for guitar enthusiasts.

Here are a few great places to get started with your research:

3. Share What You’re About

What are the key things you want your readers to get from your blog, and in what manner?

For example:

  • My site will provide the best information on learning how to play guitar that I can provide.
  • I will present this information with respect for all musicians and music lovers.
  • My site will guide students of the guitar with ongoing guitar related content, music and personal growth tools to meet learning challenges.

Share your mission/values on your site so your audience understands your intent and what to expect.

4. Make a Plan

You’ve got some principles to guide you through the long term, so now it’s time to look more practically at the day-to-day (week-to-week) progress of your blog.

You may have a lot of content ideas already.

But time is precious and if you don’t write down your plan for how and when you are going to create and publish; it may never come to fruition.

There needs to be time in your day to maintain, add, and create new content (and don’t forget you’ve got to sit down and play your guitar too!).

But don’t let this scare you off, as most blogs start out very simply and grow organically over time, so just keep a basic blog plan in place. See simple example below:

Date Post Name Draft Final
Mar.5 My Song Half done For next week
Apr. 9 Her Song To be finished

Add your own columns.

Planning should help you keep on track.

5. Create Great Content

If you aren’t sharing content related to guitar on your blog, you don’t have a guitar music blog at all.

Before you ever go live with your blog, you can start developing content. It’s a good idea to have several posts ready to go before you ever launch, as this will take some of the pressure off of having to come up with ideas and write something new.

The last thing you need is a half-baked post on guitar maintenance when you feel more like burning your guitar, and not in a Jimi Hendrix kind of way either.

Things happen, and you can’t expect everything to go smoothly all the time. Save up a few content pieces for a rainy day.

6. Get Your Blog Started

There are plenty of tutorials online that will tell you exactly how to set up a blog, so I’m not going to cover that here. For instance, Blogging Basics 101 is an excellent resource, and it’s free to use besides.

In most instances, I would suggest getting started with WordPress, because it’s easy to use, and most hosting companies allow you to install it on your domain with one click. Check out the products section of the website for recommendations on hosting and WordPress themes.

7. Create Your Blog-Building Habit

Small things done consistently build momentum. So, make a habit out of your blog-building efforts.

Start with something simple like brewing a cup of coffee in the morning. It sounds silly, but setting up cues like this can help you create your routine, and routines always become habit. Cue, routine, reward. Follow that framework and you will do well.

Also, have a read through Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. Confront the resistance that’s stopping you from getting into action, and recognize what it takes to be a true pro.

8. Listen to Your Readers

What are your readers saying? Have you given them a way to leave comments on your blog? Do you have a “Contact Me” page?

The blog is for your readers and if they keep mentioning certain topics, then you should consider addressing their concerns and interests in a future post.

A couple of great examples of guitar blogs that keeps updated and actively engages their audience are and Haley Powers Music. What can you learn from each? What do you see that you could incorporate into your own content creation efforts?

9. Maintain Your Blog

Over time your site will gradually build up with older posts, references, and links.

You will want to perform some maintenance on your blog, ensuring there aren’t any dead links on your site.

Also, check for malware! If you end up with a virus, it can have serious ramifications for your blog, and may impact your SEO too.

10. Take Responsibility

As time goes on, your readers will have grown accustomed to using your site on a regular basis and can depend on the quality of information you’re providing

With that comes a certain responsibility to your readership.

You must keep the content fresh and engaging.

Many sites invite guest posters to write. This can add variety and give your site a boost with new faces and ideas.

But you must set the tone for these posters, so they understand your voice and write content that’s relevant for your readers.

11. Keep Growing

I’m talking personal growth.

As you and your readers grow and learn on your respective journeys, you may find yourself branching out a bit more to address other interests, places you never thought your blog would go.

Be flexible and your blog will grow with you.


I look forward to seeing your guitar music blog. Post yours in the comments section below once you’ve set it up.