What can we learn from North America’s most prolific video game composer, Tommy Tallarico and the risks that he took to get where he’s at today? In this video, David recounts the story exactly as Tallarico shared it with him.


In 2007, I got to interview North America’s most prolific video game composer, Tommy Tallarico.

As the story goes, he was 21, living in Massachusetts with his parents. The only thing he knew was that he wanted to be part of the music industry, but he wasn’t even sure in what capacity.

One thing he had figured out was that if you’re going to do music, you need to be in L.A. So, he left his parents crying on the doorstep and left for L.A., and he lived under a pier for two weeks.

But on his first day, he found a job at Guitar Center selling keyboards. He wore a TurboGrafx-16 shirt to work. That’s a video game console, and it was brand new at the time.

So, in walks a producer from Virgin, sees the T-shirt, goes over and talks to Tommy, and asks him whether he wants a job on the spot. And he’s been in the video game industry ever since.

So, the question is, when’s the last time you’ve taken a big risk like that? And what are you willing to do to create the music career of your dreams?