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Let’s face it; the coolest character in the Final Fantasy VII was not Cloud. You could choose Barret, Aeris, Red XIII, Yuffie, Vincent or even Sephiroth if you wanted to, and I wouldn’t get angry, but if you said “Cloud” I couldn’t be held liable for my subsequent actions.

No, in my opinion, the coolest character was the bubbly and fun martial artist Tifa Lockhart, who not only looked great but also had a lovable personality. Aeris may be demure and homey, and maybe even cute, but Tifa is a bombshell with serious charm. Cloud is an emo idiot with weird Super Saiyan hair.

It wouldn’t even be worth talking about if Final Fantasy VII wasn’t a great game, but it was a memorable title. It wasn’t quite as good as FFVI in my opinion, but it still delivered an exceptional experience on the PlayStation platform. At the time, the visuals and graphics were quite stunning too.

As for the drawing, I am pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out. I wasn’t sure if I could make her look like the original Tifa, but fortunately, she turned out quite recognizable.

Is Tifa kissing? Is she surprised? Is she shushing someone? You decide.
Tifa Lockhart