I would not say that today was completely uneventful, but it turned out quite a bit differently than expected.

Here’s a short summary:


Last night, I had the most wonderful meditation session but not the best sleep. I got the day started early because I knew I would need to walk the dog, and I had high hopes of it being a productive day.

Well, I ran an errand, attended a few meetings, and even got a couple of blog posts started, but after lunch, I crashed hard and ended up spending most of the rest of the day resting.

I probably still need a lot of rest on the path of recovery. It’s at least starting to feel that way.


I met a couple of friends for lunch. This was rather spontaneous and while I’m still not entirely in the mood to entertain a lot of comings and goings, I think it ended up adding some life to my day.


In my leadership program, it was announced today that there would be the opportunity to participate in the acknowledgment party online, in person in Victoria, and in person in Vancouver.

Just for reference, I checked to see how close the address for the Vancouver location was, and it turns out it’s a mere one-minute away by car and four minutes away by foot.

The woman hosting it happens to be someone I’ve coached in the program. When I told her that I was a mere minute away, she called me up, excited to chat about putting together a business plan, podcast, and so on.

I don’t think of this as a coincidence myself but think what you will.


Love is at the heart of this experiment. Have I gotten away from it? I feel like I need to remind myself, because more than anything, this is not an experiment of doing as much as it is an experiment of being.

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