I marvel at the changes this experiment has already brought about in my life. It hasn’t all been easy, but I think much of it has been healthy.

Today, I’ve organized my thoughts under a few headings, so sit back, relax, have a water kefir, and read on.

The Error of My Ways

In the last two days, I’ve made massive progress with editing one of my forthcoming books (a travelog).

There are a couple of things that became glaringly obvious as I’ve been looking back on my journeys and misadventures from 2022:

  • I was not eating healthy. Somehow, I was deluded into thinking I was because I was enjoying what I was eating. But I was eating out a lot. Circumstances dictated it. I was frequently traveling and moving about, I wasn’t always staying at places where I could freely cook meals, and sometimes I was simply too preoccupied to make meals.
  • I complained of tiredness and exhaustion numerous times. The impact of bad habits was showing, and I was not noticing!

I have been getting into much better habits this year, opting to get back into working out as early as February. But my eating habits didn’t really change until about September when I finally decided to bring my Instant Pot and Ninja blender with me everywhere I go.

I’ve also got a tote box I refer to as my “Airbnb survival kit,” and it includes teas, powders (protein, collagen, barley grass juice, etc.), teas, some dry foods, supplements, and a few kitchen utensils.

In that sense, I haven’t had a healthy eating streak for more than two months! No wonder I’m in the condition I’m in (though, as I’ve noted before, I’m not deathly ill or anything).

Sometimes, we need to make more thorough examinations of ourselves to get to the root of the issue.

Sometimes, we need to make more thorough examinations of ourselves to get to the root of the issue. Click To Tweet

Time Gains

The time that I’ve gained back from reducing fluffy input is either going into my own projects or supporting the people around me. I find myself saying “yes” far more often than I usually do, but since this experiment is about loving myself, others, and the Universe more, it seems in alignment with stated goals, even if stopping to support others interrupts the flow of my day.

Loving others is loving myself, given that we are all ultimately connected.


I am already feeling a sense of withdrawal from my “no porn” policy. Not because I was such a frequent user. Rather I’m becoming more aware of how much media is out there designed to draw my eyes – an album cover, a music video, or even a YouTube thumbnail. If you’ll recall, my definition of porn for the intents and purposes of this experiment is “anything that turns you on.”

It sounds crazy, but until you start abstaining, you don’t notice how much you are being bombarded by titillation and how it feels to disconnect from the constant escape of sexual fantasy.

I figured this would be par for the course, however, and I know that the sense of withdrawal I feel could continue for a while.

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